Verso: July 2017

You may not recognize the name Michael Bond, but nearly everyone knows Paddington Bear. Michael Bond (January 13, 1926-June 27, 2017) was the creator of the Paddington Bear series of children’s books. Bond was from London, where he imagined a stuffed bear that was inspired by child refugees traveling through Reading Station from London. He remembered that the children he saw carried all of their possessions in little suitcases or packages and wore labels around their necks which gave their names and addresses. Bond stated that he’d never seen a sadder sight.

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Did you know that reading aloud to children is one of the most important things you can do to help them learn? Reading aloud helps children master words and grammar, which are the basic tools for learning to read. It also teaches them to be good listeners, which is important in any learning environment.  ... Read More

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